[We will recognize your strengths and bring out your maximum potential]

Titan Commerce Continental Services GmbH is your professional business partner with years of experience in marketing foreign products on the European market. Our experienced team consists of sales, marketing and logistics experts and is there to help and advise you. We will recognize your strengths, analyze the market, build a retailer network, develop sales and marketing strategies so you can quickly cover all customer needs and problems that may arise. You will receive the necessary support that you will need to generate more revenue and to successfully place your business at the European market. Contact us and profit from our expertise. We will be there to help and advise you.


  • [DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)]

    • Data inspection in real-time

    • Hardware selection

    • Software development


  • [Business Development for Start-Ups]

    Active Marketing measures of new Technologies in the areas:

    • IT

    • Bio-/Neurofeedback

    • New energy development: for example wind energy

    • Health care


  • [Distribution of IT/Neurofeedback Produkten]

    • Build a retailer network

    • Distribution and support of several online shops like: Amazon, Ebay, Mindtec Store, IP-Netshop...