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TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH is your professional partner with many years of experience in the marketing of international products in the European market. Our focus is on state-of-the-art medical technology, bio and neurofeedback products as well as network technology for professional users. We face the challenges of modern lifestyles and provide you with the means to reduce daily stress, to increase your ability to concentrate, to relax and unwind and to always be up to date on your fitness – For that we use the latest technology such as EEG, ECG, muscle sensors, smart textiles and much more. With the help of our products you can master almost any situation.

Our experienced team consisting of sales, marketing and logistics experts ensures that we can always offer you the best products at unbeatable prices. This also applies to our other large field of activity, professional network solutions. Thanks to cooperation with well-known partners such as Datacom, Hot Lava, US Robotics and Packet Design as well as the own development of tailor-made solutions, you will always find the right solution for your needs for network taps, switches and other network technology.
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  • [GABRIEL - Secure Communication]

    Gabriel Collaboration Suite provides an integrated set of secure applications including Mail, Messaging, File Sharing & Sync, and Voice Calls. Each feature provides privacy, security and seamless cross-platform communications between trusted contacts.


  • [Maisense Freescna - certified medical blood pressure monitor]

    Without annoying cuffs, you can easily determine the following values ​​with the Maisense Freescan:

    • Puls

    • blood pressure

    • age of your aterial fibrillation

    •  causes of stroke right on time



  • [Distribution of IT/Neurofeedback Produkten]

    • Build a retailer network

    • Distribution and support of several online shops like: Amazon, Ebay, Mindtec Store, IP-Netshop...